For over 15 years we have been offering further training courses for interested parties. In these we cover areas in which we have acquired theoretical and practical expertise:

  • trauma and stress-overload
  • cultivating resilience
  • child development in particularly difficult situations
  • social art
  • art therapy for trauma and emergencies
  • eurythmy for trauma and emergencies

In feedback we regularly hear that the practical content of our courses, the flexibility in their delivery and the fact that they are tailored to the real needs of the participants are very much appreciated.

Would you and your co-workers like to take part in a further-training course?

We would be glad to design a course to fit your needs in scope and content.

 You are free (without any obligation) to enquire about this by contacting Barbara Schiller on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Notification of upcoming further training courses you will find on our Facebook page.

 To get an impression of our approach to training, here are a few examples: