Knock, and listen for what has been opened to you” (stART leitmotif)

All branches of stART’s organisation (board, management, team leadership and teams) take an artistic approach to their work.

This is the defining characteristic of all the social processes involved in our work.

Through the particular approach of ours, we all share in being creative and through this discover new forms of expression. We are the living expression of a creative, artistic attitude, which features perceptual openness, flexibility and a situational approach to action.

The actual work with children is characterised by a blending of various artistic disciplines – for instance, fine art (painting, sculpture), performing art (theatre, puppet plays), movement, handwork and handcrafts, rhythm and music.

We employ all these art forms out of a deep sense of their artistic, educational and therapeutic value. We strive to create a safe space where the people we are working with can feel at ease in a warm atmosphere with a potential for creativity.

Working as a team means that the talents and skills of artists, educators and therapists can combine to create something new and powerful. Impulses for new development can thus come from many directions: “Knock, and listen for what has been opened to you” is the guiding principle of our relationships among ourselves and with others.


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