We are a large and many-sided community of educators, therapists and artists, who contribute – by combining our pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic skills – to restoring confidence and hope to people – especially children – in emergency situations.

Our executive and team-leaders

The Executive carries the legal responsibility for our activities and finances:

Team of regional, project and assignment leaders

Our projects and missions are in the responsible hands of our regional project- and mission-leaders and the members of the Executive:

We work with around 50 qualified professionals. They all have many years of professional experience as educators and/or therapists with a focus on at least one artistic area. They undergo ongoing training, especially on the topics of coping with trauma and strengthening resilience in emergency situations. Most employees continue to work and donate their work during their holidays or work part-time.

In all work contexts, our concern is intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork. Because we understand the need in the world as a task that can only be changed by acting together.

We also include all donors and financiers as partners in our community understanding. We couldn't work without them.

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