Emergency Aid for Children


Starters without limits

We support people and especially children who are affected by war, flight and natural disasters to create peaceful cultures on their way.

stART makes it possible for victims to become creators and for smiles to be seen again on children's faces. In order to develop a sustainable culture of peace, it is particularly important to support children on their path of development.

To create a culture of peace and togetherness, we work with the means of art and focus on three areas:

  • direct pedagogical and therapeutic work for children and young people affected by war,
  • flight or natural disasters Training and further education for people who have to do with affected children and adolescents.
  • social development through large-scale socio-political projects

Our non-profit association

After the war in summer 2006 between Israel and Lebanon a team of pedagogues and therapists travelled to Beirut to work with children and teenagers who had suffered from the war. This pioneer team actively engaged in multifunctional further training and, following further missions in Lebananon and Georgia, founded the association of stART international e.V. emergency aid for children. The association was recognized as a non-profit organization by Munich´s Register Court on 08.06.2009.

The main emphasis of the association´s work:

  • pedagogical and therapeutical emergency aid abroad for children and teenagers having suffered from war, refuge or nature disasters and supporting them by strengthening their resilience and offering open access  to trauma-therapeutic treatment
  • further training of local skilled personnel abroad such as teachers, kindergarten teachers or psychologists in relevant field of work and approach
  • pedagogical and therapeutic support for and integration especiall of refugee children and families in Germany and Europe
  • further training of volunteers and professional supporters of refugees in Germany and Europe
  • mid- and long-term education projects abroad to support the worldwide propagation of child-oriented upbringing and education


Our highly skilled personnel all have many years of professional experience as pedagogues and/or as therapeuts with focus on at least one artistic field. They continuously undergo further training, specializing on topics of trauma counselling and resilience strengthening in emergency situations. Most of our team members continue to work regularly in their original profession and donor their work for stART international e. V. during their holidays or work in part-time positions. The main concern and wish in the context of our work is the intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation in our team as we do understand the need in the world as task which can only be solved in joint action and help. In this sense we also consider all our donors as partners of our fellowship supporting us and thus enabling our work. stART international´s core-team are 12 active team members whose most vital interest focuses on the stART impulse and who especially actively engage in our tasks. By regularly meeting and exchanging points of view considering stART tasks, latest developments and decisions to be made, they positively influence the direction of stART and it´s “inner” approach and character.

Mission statement

The goal of our work is to strengthen children and teenagers suffering from war, refuge and nature disasters to enable them to grow and develop into societies living in peace.

An English version of our mission statement (stART-Leitbild) has not been translated yet. After completion of translation into English it will be downloadable here.