What we do

In emergency and disaster situations the most immediate need is for a quick response which provides the victims of natural disasters, wars or epidemics with basic necessities: drinking water, food, clothes, mattresses and/or tents.

In emergency situations stART international begins its work just as soon as there is an initial degree of security on the ground and workable logistical infrastructure. With our international teams of educators, therapists and artists we go into refugee camps, kindergartens, schools, (and) orphanages, where we work with children and adolescents, striving to stabilise them and strengthen their resilience. In doing this we use artistic methods upon a background of therapeutic principles; so it’s not emergency supplies or materials we bring, but rather joy, loving care, security and, of course, games, ideas and creativity. Initially many people cannot see the sense in this, but the way this brings about lasting improvements in the children’s wellbeing tells its own convincing story.

In parallel with the actual work with children we begin training local professionals like teachers or therapists, parents or other adults. In this way we share our know-how in dealing with the traumatised child, and foster both cooperation in international-local teams and intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

In everything we do, we are always working closely together with local partners. As a member of the UN Aid Network we coordinate our work with other organisations.