It’s always people,
You know,
whose heart is a little star,
bringing light to the earth.

(Rose Ausländer)

Times of change are stressful – both for individuals and for societies as a whole. Very easily a social climate fraught with tensions and polarization develops.

In its peace-work stART attempts to create artistic spaces in the midst of ordinary social life, spaces in which differences can come to expression and something new can arise through turning towards the other.

In a caring atmosphere it is possible for opposites to meet and for a space for the unexpected to open up.

Art as such, observing the artistic work of others and being creative oneself can form a bridge both to oneself and to the community. In this way community artworks come about, and in the process of their creation, both collective stabilisation and the strengthening of resilience as well as human encounters filled with warmth of heart and mutual interest can occur.