Everything began

with a story that moved us,
with a call to take note and do something
and with the courage to be part of a team willing – with all our
professional and personal strengths and weaknesses - to take up
whatever tasks life sets us.

In February 2006 Beatrice Rütishauser-Ramm, a teacher attending a meeting of the European Network for Development and Aid (ENDA), gave a talk. She spoke of her experience of the plight of children and families hit by an earthquake in Pakistan. We were deeply affected by this report. From this sprang a first pilot project in Lebanon in autumn 2006 and the founding of stART international e. V.

From its founding up to 2023 the stART team has carried out 180 emergency aid operations in countries such as Haiti, Libya, Ukraine, the Philippines, Nepal, Madagascar, the Turkish-Syrian border region, Iraq, Greece and in parts of Germany hit by floods.

stART teams also work on their home ground with people with a migration background.

As of 2023, both at home and abroad, about 9200 people have had further training in courses and workshops.

For the cause of strengthening social cohesion, stART organizes an array of social art projects and events.