Who we are

Our vision is of a world in which global conflicts, wars, natural disasters and walls have been surmounted and outgrown, and we have created a culture of togetherness and peace.

In working towards the development of a world with a future in which peaceful co-existence may be possible, our main concern is for the wellbeing of children. Particularly in crisis situations they need special protection and concentrated attention.

Our vision is

  • that people who have lost their home and all hope can recover a sense of security and trust. In pursuing this end we build upon both the power of human empathy and each individual’s innate potential for self-healing.
  • that children may grow up in safe and peaceful communities that allow them to develop the healthy vitality and abilities that will enable them to take over responsibility for the future wellbeing of all. We therefore seek to give young people strength of heart, to strengthen their sense of beauty and goodness, and to awaken their inner resources of empathy, confidence and initiative.
  • that young people may develop their abilities and thus take full advantage of all that life has to offer. This is why we are so concerned to counter the potentially life-long effects of traumatic experiences and thus create the foundation for a positive future.
  • that people from widely different backgrounds can work together on creating the future and easing conflicts through transformative processes.

Our vision is of people, working contentedly together for a peaceful world.

Kids painting a big colorful picture