stART is committed to making it possible for people who have undergone great suffering to take hold of their own lives again, and to restoring smiles to the faces of children.

By means of a holistic and educational-therapeutic approach we offer support to children and young people struck by war, forced displacement, natural or other catastrophes, and in so doing help them overcome the traumatic effects of these events.

We help build up a social framework which facilitates the strengthening of individual inner resources in a creative way. To be able to deal constructively with challenging situations and conflicts is one of our aims. Thus by artistic means we perform peace work in the service of common humanity and social change.

stART works in an interdisciplinary way in the following areas:

  • directly with child or teenage victims of traumatic situations, using an approach with artistic, educational and therapeutic aspects
  • training and further training of people who either work with child/teenage victims of disasters or with children in particularly challenging circumstances.
  • projects in social art and community healing done in the interests of social progress
Little girl painting a colorfull picture